How to Customize your Twitter Profile ?

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How to Customize your Twitter ProfileYour Social Media profile is the face of your company online. You must customize your profile on all the social networking sites you use to make sure your followers, fans and friends recognize you, but also because it is an very strong tool for branding and optimizing your Social Media networks. On Twitter there are a few steps you should take to customize your profile. Have you customized your Twitter profile yet? No, then let’s get to it. Here are some easy steps to customize your Twitter profile – fast and easy.

When you customize your Twitter profile you have to do it on two levels. First you customize the appearance on your Twitter profile page. Then you take care of the internal personalization of your Twitter profile.

The appearance of your Twitter profile relates to the background of your profile page, the image and photo and the text editing.

Customize your Twitter profile step 1: the Appearance

The first step to take when you customize your Twitter profile is to adjust the background. You have different possibilities to do this.
First your background and side bar should have your company’s colors and be personalized to represent your company. Don’t use the set background given by Twitter. Personalize your profile to brand your company. You can have your logo tile all over the page, which in most cases looks just horrible, or have your logo just once in left hand corner, or you can even have a photo representing your company (eg. if you sell a certain product with your company’s name on it, a photo of that product would work too). If you do not use it as your background it is important to add your logo somewhere. For branding purposes you should make sure your logo always appears on your Twitter profile. However, to give your profile a personal touch, I would suggest to use an image of yourself for the profile picture and upload the logo on your page as part of the background image. Here is an example, how I did it on my MarketUrStartup profile on Twitter! While you are there, remember to follow us! You just need to make sure it is not too overwhelming and hard to read for your readers.

But how do you change the color of your Twitter background etc?

Just log into your account, go to Settings and click on Design. There you can upload a background image and also change the colors of your background, sidebar, links and font. I would suggest to copy the exact color of your logo or Corporate Identity to match exactly and not “hand pick” them. If you want to be very creative, different types of software are available to help you design your own background. There are however certain “rules” to follow to be able to upload your creative background. You can find a few technical tips here. But when being creative remember, you want your background to match your company, and the message you try to pass to your audience. So don’t be overly creative and confuse your followers about who your Twitter profile really represents.

Is your Twitter account generic, or are you a Twitter Personality?Customize your Twitter profile Step 2: Internal Personalization

Now there is more to your Twitter profile than just the look! Therefore you have more customization to work on. It is important for your audience, to keep its attention and to gain its trust that you show you have put time and effort to introduce your company through your Social Media site. It’s important to share valuable information. Don’t link back to your website or blog, but also to other interesting resources. Share what you are working on, communicate with customers etc.  Here you can learn more about what your business should tweet about!

Customize your Twitter profile Step 3: Give it a human touch

When you create your Twitter profile it is important to not just create a profile representing a business entity, but also include the person behind the scene. Use your personal name as the Name of your Twitter profile, and use your company’s name as the User name of your Twitter profile. This underline that a person, with , passion and attention is behind it all and is involved. Also use your picture as your profile picture. Readers like to know who they are talking to or who’s tweets they are reading. It is important that you chose the same image for all your profiles though to show consistency but also so that readers recognize you. It is another way to strengthen your branding and your online presence.

Customize your Twitter profile step 4: Write a Bio

Twitter gives you the opportunity to present yourself and your company in the Bio section. Use it! What a better way to personalize you twitter profile than by telling your audience about who you are and what you do, and maybe what motivates you? Be concise but clear. Sell yourself but don’t spam. You must inform your readers in a few words who you are and give them an insight on why they should follow you.

Customize your Twitter profile step 5: Behind the scenes

All those previously mentioned steps are quite obvious. There is one more step that is essential in the customization process your Twitter profile, but unfortunately often overlooked. The personality of a person is more than his/her look, clothes, attitude… it is also the way he/she express him/herself. Customizing your Twitter profile to represent your company is like showing the personality of you and your business. Therefore, the way you express yourself through your tweets, how you interact with your followers and who you follow, is also part of the process of customizing your Twitter profile. You must show you are involved, that you are willing to interact with your audience and that you listen. You must prove your audience you are everything your profile setup says you are. Your tweets, your answers and your involvement will truly customize your Twitter profile, because they will show your personality, they will show the human side of your business.

Happy Tweeting!Remember a well customized Twitter profile can help you gain attention, show dedication and help will give you a great first impression with your Twitter Followers. It is important to take advantage of all the tools available to you to make your Twitter profile an efficient Social Media Marketing tool to promote your company and develop your network.

Did you personalize your Twitter profile? How did you do it and did it affect your Twitter success? Tell us about it!

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  1. Your point about writing a Twitter bio is important. Some people won’t follow you if you don’t write something about yourself. It’s really not all that hard. Just list a few of your interests in point form. Don’t try to be too cool. For example, you could just write “Food. Gadgets. Home Business.”

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